in the dark this where . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

36 In The Dark This Where The Hard 1

in the dark
this where the hardest place
for somebody to be trying to be hiding

and so i keep on here
like this i is everyday
where there aint nobody in here
nowhere doing nothing
but leaning all up on against one another
and everybody here they always looking
just like they always here falling down
but this pussy in here
s’posed to be it so good!
it coming there in your head
from something down in the bone
caint let you leave us alone
so with a pass in your hands
this here where you come
quick sucking on the titty
and us
we here pimping the charm
on the edge doing things
so when the light never on
and then be talking in the morning
when us sleep in the jail
‘bout how the welfare it
who gone post the bail
‘til sundown come and the midnight sun
when we let outside on inside here
so we can keep on all
keep on gitting us some

Copyright © 1995 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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