paste-tings paste-ting paste-tings (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

paste-tings paste-ting paste-tings   

the laughing
is posturingly looking
at the fear crawling here in our faces
formulating these few visceralizings
so make it being just like “we all this!” 
like they all be world synergizings 

we strutt’n ’round n ’round here tweetering 
in barren arrogationings swelling
greedily ravishing our bleeding tail
in depravening cogitationing swallowings
of the long bony malversationing arms
in this bemusingly numbing
 serpentine-ing be-ruse-ing 

so tediously we choreographing desperating
to smearing hands cheering in public ejaculationings
we hypnotically wallowing and rolling on up
in this festering debauching seductively spawning
in the pixellating tongue-ings of our m-oxy-morons 

dry mouths are drying exacerbating carnivoring
just cofflying so ever so correctlying 
we acting just like all this   it aint even being so 
sanctifying the longing of our wanton groan 
we’re wonderings here in wanderings
ducking in and out each one another’s clones
crashing into ourselves just becausing 
becausing because we unknowns

Copyright © 2010 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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