why us holding the unfolding (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

by myself in this dark
here inside of me too
erasing me on
like what they doing to you
if just i could hit it one day
like with my fist this a way
!kill the mother fuckers!
and make it all go away
then might could find somebody then
who be a somebody who
just a little bit closer
to a real me and you 

why us holding the unfolding 

here there this something
in here
it what i caint never see
‘cause there this some other else
covering all over me
and sometime!i wanna! 

but i scared 

there wont be nobody left 

that everything here all around me
just be another strange new
like when i first brung over
inside a boat with you 

just be alone in here
locked up inside in myself
with nothing no where
that i used to left  

Copyright © 2003 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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