round delta brown . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

round delta brown down low downinged!AINT’CHUH BOY!
(slaved masteringed slaves enslavened) 

*sssh           she’boom she’boom she’boom she’boom sssh
*she’boom she’boom she’boom she’boom sssh
sugar plummed lips who once they thickening
in the blued blue hone-ing of humming drummm sung
now they humping humped humping on the run
blued blue blue-ing Atlanta GA “down low-inged”
desperating desperation perpetrating in the frown
perpetrating in the frown of big eyes brown
dis’n man to man delusioning on dis’allusion-inged
on the top of the bottom down behind up under-the-neath
in one on one on the other down there up under the other
crossed cunningly crossed crossing over
in the swaggering bubble gummed on the soles
of new brand new baby Air blues $300 tennis shoes
*DOOOM DOOOM DOOOM SHE’DOOOM ssssh  “aint’chuh boy”
blackened paled blackening impale-inged on
ghetto-ed coloring synthesized synthesizing
sucked in the halls of suburban town thighs
splatteringed on in mo’ thuh further lowed downinged
master’n’slave en-amour-ed on en-amouring
in the swaddling arms of us humming drum sound


 *refrains from here to the end of this tonal drawing
Copyright © 2003 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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