Preface from “impoverishinged-ing (the sunging of the preying mantis)


     People are usually described as invisible when our senses are not able to perceive their physical presence—even though a mental perceptibility may exist.  How then do we become invisible when our physical presence is clearly evident?

Impact and collision seem essential in establishing our presence.  One observing may be readily convinced of the presence of another by means of their senses—without the assistence of mirrors, cameras, or other such aids.  Of course, we (in the absence of non-human aids) may experience our own presence by means of the impact of others on us or ours on them.  How, then, do persons who are literally present in human society become invisible to others and themselves?

Invisibility is most remarkable in its deception.  Sleigh of hand is so essentially natural for it because nobody is smelling the deathing in the staining of our under-thingings.

*From the novel “impoverishinged-ing (the sunging of the prey mantis)”
Copyright © 2000 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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