grounding me down (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

grounding me down 

look at me in here
at this i doing right now
i’m waiting here inside
for something else it appear
and gone seem like it near
to this make believe
what playing here in my ear
i running back and forth
when there’s no what for
staring there inside
every go by passing car
just parade’n here strutt’n
so ’cause you then seeing me
all by myself wrapped up
in how i making like it be
cocking my head
it looking side to side
hyponotizing what i realizing
so this here that i show
be what i say to claim
that it all i have to know
and all i have to b’lieve
i ever gone need
and so long as everything
seem like i make it seem
it like i make it be
so like it really so

it like i make it seem
just like it really so

Copyright © 1998 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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