now then in here wave-ing here when (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

if when is then
and then is when
and now is on and on
what then is now
what now is when
and when is ever then
and where in when and in what then
do stories we tell they all begin
and do they ever ever end
and what it is they all intend 

now then in here wave-ing here when 

in here i’m bound then for most never found
‘mongst a public litter that’s more renown
and this numbing i’m feeling in here when
keeps being spreading on out all over
dissipating your children aborting them now
raping us all on deeper mo’ deeper mo’ deeper
in the languishing retard of vicarious simulations
and you keeping on marching on just like you told
never minding ‘bout this something
you done’n’nicknamed it me
crowded in crowds you aloned   aloning all alone
syncopated hallucinating in your own plastic arms
advertising patronizing emboldened perverse-nations
leeched you leaking on into a same one another
you wanting other but you scared   you so scared!
of the feeling little left that you feeling it’s leaving
and you never ever ever make’it so you be seeing
what you wanting i’m always waiting in here waiting

but you keep on sucking on them-ed used sugar titties
cunningly consumed in the daunting consumption
of your own hypnotic and callous-ive consuming
you hallowing the hustlers desecrating your time
swelling your heads with masturbating rhymes
auctionating in palladiums of a popular clime
and you erasing me on mo’ furthering on away
smothering in spells of a boundless dismay
then sewing up into things of animated clay
as nows and thens and ever whens
keep keeping right on entangling

Copyright © 2007 Asili Ya Nadhiri

One thought on “now then in here wave-ing here when (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

  1. Dear Asili, I am past pleased that you posted this tonal drawing on Adam Fitzgerald’s Facebook timeline, because the act is a nice counter-punch to the right jab of Douglas Kearney’s “Niggas Be Watching the News in 2015, Boy.” We are indeed in the middle of the POETRY WARS. You put the white girls and boys on notice that black minds do not condone sly acts of niggerationism. Perhaps now a larger readership will attend to what I have been preaching for years about the innovation of a tonal drawing. Whatever the case, fewer readers will have the option of pretending tonal drawings do not exist. Also, check out some on time comments Tonya Foster made when John Keene interviewed her for BOMB magazine, Fall 2015 at Peace, Jerry Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 05:24:17 +0000 To:

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