abstracting distracting contracting . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

In our ever consuming desperation, we (all of us all) are lasciviously overdosing on hustling distractions of the brothelling enfoldings of our own perverse-a-nationing arms.
–Asili Ya Nadhiri–

churr-ing occurrings slurring blurrings
immersing in rueless demure-ing imbuings
blue-ing inside the walls of perjuring recurrings
!and who’s scared!
all us all of here seeing
freezing in the armless wanderings
baptizing mathematizings
of our smothering incurrings
He’s saying: “Still thuh glow dat show’n
in all what us know’n
it being as little less
and as much mighty mo’
depending how we want’n it so”

abstracting distracting contracting
(in memory of my father, an unbeknowst)
amongst the unknowing unknown) 

and what
is the marrow of next
if not now
what is ever never
or never ever
but signs of a hapless distend
place is in between what
and distance a splicing of the same
a measuring in what frame
of some distain covering over
all those other slippery-ing things

now is here then
always swaddling in when
boundlesslying amen
every moment is sublime
but never fully fraught
always waiting here holding on
in all this whom we’re aught

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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