drowning on in themm’d knowning rivers . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

drowning on in themm’d knowning rivers
(ensconcing inside this blurring obscuring)

them darkening themms libating their thrones
with all them themms they offering then
for paling hands of themm coveting themms
who stealing on out from under themm when
hungering for the same enthroning enslavings
ordain’n this serpentine’n numb’n sundering on

this infectious guile is subtly canting
chanting on in the canning of themms
as bitter preserves pour’n spreading all out
“dis aint personal my brothers it just business!
now is you feeling me there then!
market matrixation it aint never no sin!”

we mongering legacy mongerers like you
abetting vitiationing hustlers as heroic dons
scared hide’n here behind hide’n there behind
snorting slow low mo’ synthesizing sounds
who making moan’n echoes in emptying arms
callousing us on with what it’s like being blue

this ever deepening invasive fingering
enthralling us inside our own invisibilizing
homespun-ing more’n’more of them themms
so for embalming the eyes of all of us all
in lulling prosaic amorphographic shufflings
’cause all of us all we all just themms

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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