always almosting . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

always almosting

(and with my hem hanging down right here ‘fore your eyes)


my ears

they waxing closed

in stubborned worn inflated laughter

and hearkeninged dull prostrating eyes

flaunted in my flowered stride

wilting on inside this vacant abide

where in that i hide


how many embracings

have i wandering through

and wallowing in wallowings on wanton fingers

plundering in all around

nearing for my womb

and keep me spreaded reaching

spreading open in welcoming postures

for so to keep it going on


and i aloning aloned

posing in practiced embrouchures rehearsing

en-stirring tiny fading ripples in memories of when

and what could all i might’ve had

if now was just’ve been then

                                    and i fatefully caressing

in the numbing moments of my flare

making just like it lost here in a corner some where

it spilling on my Lord

it spilling on and on!

in on through my hand

on again and again and again and again


Copyright © 2003 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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