the swelling dung smelling of amber fields (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

the swelling dung smelling of amber fields

we’re all swirling rapidly on down in
vulgar wenchings of our consumptioning zoo
luring everybody else on in with us too
with blinging embalming automated things
who sirening our stenching false lettings
we aint worry’n ‘bout camouflaging no mo’
everybody full aint defecating when they can
‘cause aint nobody no where here willing
for being them who wiping asses no mo’

hustling with proverbialing potions too
so doing dis for dat so making dat like dis
gagging !ahhhhh! swallowing our tails
going ‘round all the while coming ‘round
in this serpentinial desecrationing roam
beholding all of its bloody unfoldings
claiming this some great new dawning
—the teasing convulutioning rusing
we celebratorilly shooting in our veins

we run’n on’n’on flatulating fabulations
on bending knees praying to be up on stage
in front of some endlessing fantasy line
obediently correctlying just like us told
as we’re rabidly erasing each one the other
in our scumbling synthesizing Om-ming
“aint ever no redeeming redeeming
‘cept in scheming and seeming
and seeming and seeming”
“hey! but what can we do
mute’n’ nobody they aint listening no how
and so damn invisibling small
you in here with all of us participating
in magistrating this bloating constipation
and asking “WHAT IT IS THAT WE CAN DO!!!”

Copyright © 2016 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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