swelling dung stinking up all our amber fields (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

swelling dung stinking up all our amber fields

here standing there waiting in lines
for cold runny leeching retchings
of our debauching vitiationing gluttony
in abetting addictationings
to blinging automated things
seducing everybody else on in with us too
and all us all gorging so frantically so
aint nobody bothering defecating no more

and we hustling with proverbial potionings
slippery metaphorical illusionings
“the world is your oyster for the eating!”
we so pretensiously shooting in our veins
swallowing our tails strangulating
running ‘round and ‘round on around
serpentine cultivating of this fertile ground
claiming this a totally new  anthrop-rebooting

and flatulating resorting fabulations
of being the one in the eyes of all the others
here on their knees praying for the same
enthralling us all with up there on stage
in a slow low mo’ anesthetizing Om
we aint needing no redeeming
just be mo’scheming and seeming
hey! it is what it is’ how else is can we do
mute and nobody they aint listening too

but we all just sopping here bloating
from constipation bursting holding on
and you prancing contentiously asking
“so what this it is that you supposing
we should oughta  be trying to do”

Copyright © 2016 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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