nowing when remembering then (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

nowing when remembering then

in the syncopating rumbling there
in the throats of dark men sweating
swallowing water from the mouthing
of clear mason jars cooling
in the lapping of hot tobacco fields
and in the evening smelling full
of charcoal women plump frying fish
popping here in round black belly pots
on bright red embers burning slowly
there’s this low steady hummming
here telling of a hungering there deep
and praying in the rhythmic cradling
of a real fertile soil

in the words sunging there
through cocoa hands rubbing clothes
‘cross the rusting ribs of old washing boards
in Miss Glossy promenading
here git’n along in her white uniform
proudly laughing at another day’s done
there’s this sweet belly tasting
of something round and a real dark brown
growing in here in a rich delta ground
that’s making me real hungry
and wanting all this sump’n more

in what then is it now-ing when
the low drumming hummming
sitting there on the shores of Sahara coasts
shading us here in the chains
of bone dancing brothers profaning
this what it wrapping us warm
in the worm spawning bellies
of Jonah’s splangling slave whales
there carrying us on here
through savannas of preambling sands
perversenating in the palmings
of pomp and rapacious hands

nowing here we’re there-ing then
in the canniballing drouthing
of colding and lonelying desert forms
invisibling wanderings in our wondering

how when in what then
am i be finding it now

Copyright © 1993, 2013 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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