waiting and tomorrow . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

waiting and tomorrow
(are pregnant with eternal costs)

everything else is always
wantingly conjugating conjugations
hungrily synergizing synergizings
embracing in a boundless beholding
mutually enfolding unfolding on
in with all the other things
. . . and we’re here wantonly aloning
burrowing up under some bottom line
of our own obsessing orchestrating
and imploding wallowing here
so busily serpentine-ing in the ruse
of all our purpled red midnight rougings
rolling vitiationinged souls in tabloid news
and surging swirling dirgings of the blues
scrolling faster’n’faster’n’faster’n’faster!!
shooting up snorting smoking it all
try’n to make like this aint what it seeming
and pretending so vulgarly loud!dinning
vicariously dancing marchinged on
desperately transmorphing our selves
absconding on inside the schisms
of serially perversive legislationings
we’re desperately hustling in between
and coffling on in the corrosive arms of
our own self deluding excusings
as we’re rapidly erasing ourselves
“but if i spread my wings and fly
which whom will i touch
and which one will touch me
what then will i do and
then what will be done to me”

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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