tonal drawing 1 (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

tonal drawing 1

we’re lost wander’n ‘round here groping
in the pits of machiavellian deviating
spilling out of our serpentining maze
silently begging loudly for warm arms
but mugg’ns we’re persistently shrugg’n
caroming away from one another
on away from our other without touch’n

desperately so arrogantly strutting on
in our glaring darkness of feeling all alone
rubber stamp’n marching in coffling crowds
for so pretending we’re not turning colder
in these emptying fictitious demonstrations
of refusing to perceive our self abusing ruse

we’re smearing the drowning resoundings
of our perpetually vaunting transgressings
each one is festering on inside with the others
blackholing ‘tween walls of our own disdain
of how what we’re hustling so not to realize
this on’n’on white flagging to our own demise

all us all just seeming like we’re seemings
in fantastic phantasm-ming distortions
desolving on into kaleidoscopic pixilations
and the quicksanding haze of our faze-ing
with it’s hovering thickening is every where
ensconcing blues marrowing in all we dare
wanting to but so scared we’re evanescing
just can’t be letting ourselves care

Copyright © 2016

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