!me . . .! (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(this self-devouring coffling
of our serpentining norm
is desperately swallowing us on into
our hollowing entangling porn)

! MeMeMeMeMeMe! . . .   

HELL NO! can’t afford seeing you
be keeping you from seeing me
and doing all them other things
so making how   it’s ‘sposed to be
can’t gon be counting no body else
but this here one we calling !me!

this why no longer i’m just pretending
i’m caring about some how and why
i’m screaming!me!
so it’s sounding   in all yo’ words’n’mine
deeper on deeper ensconcing on down
voraciously eroding our hallowed ground
and nothing but ME is be’n heard
with no surmising and bain surprisings

just too scared in here to be peeping!
‘cause how then is we gon be hiding
when sho’nuff light will be seeping
on into this tomb with no elbowing room
and this endless pervertionationing mound
keep ‘cumulate’n in   up’n’under our ruse
we needing a new brand new kinda swoon
dat aint ah’humming and ah’sanging
and ah’drumming no blues
but us keep’n on is-ing just like us is-ing
so what’s left for me to be saying
‘cept keep yo’ ass here   way on over there
yonder outa my goddamn way!
‘less’n you gon be here chanting
real loud about !me!

Copyright © 2016 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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