Sketching #1

Our society is being emmeshed in a rapidly propagating web of confusion; and this confusion is exacerbating an overwhelming fear in our citizens. This is the natural incubating den (twitter, facebook, assorted news media, etc.) of the serpentine-ing mind that we are allowing to move us on toward an amorphous blob. Why are we allowing ourselves to be running so enthralling on into its devouring jaws? Is the kaleidoscopic glitter and exaggerating hypnotic glare of its teeth blinding us so dictatorially? Please we must be asking ourselves: In what way am I assisting this which I am suppose to be protesting?

Asili Ya Nadhiri
“Tonal Drawings Written in Poetic Form”

2 thoughts on “Sketching #1

  1. The fact that i live here, LEGALLY and pay taxes but could not vote, makes me feel like I am assisting that with I should be protesting…

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