Carver Curbing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

*Carver Curbing

coming slowly sitting there ones-by-ones
leaning ‘gainst the sides of this wall-less stall
monolithic in illustrious nefarious illusionings
they swaddling in a delusional mid-knightening
caressing the jaws of this carnivorous darkening

magnetic syrupy corners sticking sneaker-ing shoes
of elderless circlings hooching to a loquacious blues
plum lips sucking smoke as the gist of this tryst
all here so being there in a yondering no where
squat’n here scared roll’n’up in this rusing
spilling on into twilighting twilightenings
rapping so ‘cause they hearing no drums

they spinning their tales of wanton plunderings
for filling emptying bags of a desperate longing
arrested in the mouthing of vicarious sunderings
so being any where there but here some where

surreal enrapturing in knee-jerking vagaries
try’n to hide from the silence erase’n them here
in the addicting embouchure-ings embracing
here in this swallow’n womb

each turned-out pocket is a notion seen’n small
but the fate of one flag is the same for us all
reaching out in a traitorous enthralling gall
vociferizing mesmerizing scandalizing too
camouflaging in the swooning of supposing foils

they looking at one another for any other who
do’n a sump’n else so make’n them a special few
swirling in wondering scared of all alone
like most the rest of us here we all doing too

*A large neighborhood served by Carver Middle School in Orlando, Florida
Copyright © 2014 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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