tha -inged-ing -duh-ing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


tha -inged-ing -duh-ing

in a grand mastu-r-bation
we all us all con-trivialating in ethnicized configurations
that “it’s just all about me”
pander’n pandered hip-notic panderers
pump’n like this is all that’s real
. . . but the coffle-linged eyes en-still-ing
they still betraying us all
prancing stones we marched on
in a hummed-drummed marching

and every body hustling shuffled on in the hustling
knowing that we knowing that we knowing we all whores
rehearsing for the selling in the sale sold selling
drivelling mouths scrolling fast our consensual snide
in farting words trolling out some big protuberating ass
propagating this numbing perver-se-nation-ning om

swallowing all and we all  swallowed-up in the swallowing
he-s down-lowing him-s just like the same as with her she-s
rainbowed feeling-s ‘round in them-ed shadows
trying to pawn forbidden things
painful gnawing coalitions of this unknowing retard

we all us all we every thing-ing
just trying to come back here inside
and always through an other
that’s this some nother body self-ing

copyright © 2005 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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