One Picture and a Thousand…

The exhortation “Do what I say, not what I do” is a most blatant example of the diabolical rusing of our serpentining perception of living.  Of course, it wilts and instantly dries up in the face of “one picture is worth a thousand words.” From infancy and throughout our lives the behavior we are molding is most decisively influenced by how we see others behaving—especially those we are convinced to recognize as leaders, heroes, icons, or simply attractive and colorfully acting kaleidoscopic fools. This exhortation to separate the morality of the person in their respective office from an exemplary high road moral portrait required by public service—and most essential in fulfilling our duty to always be serving our society—is simply absurd. Perhaps, if we start focusing more on the moral imperatives of the office rather than the contrived, perceived, envied, and desperately craved glamor of person(s) wallowing in the respective public limelight, we might begin to moderate the rabid rapidity with which our serpentining jaws are devouring all the checks-and-balances necessary for the survival of human societies.

One thought on “One Picture and a Thousand…

  1. This is all too true. The immorality of politics ensures that the Earth shall remain beyond redemption.



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