collaging collagings (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

collaging collagings

thick dark lips they strolling smug mugged
scared ofay ophidians jes desperationing
iberian populate’n cannibaliz’n politico
and the other hues clawing in between
they all leeching us all who’re sopped
’cause we sopping in here  just like them

‘round and ’round and on back on around
every one at the nother just like any other
holding on to the nipples  of abusing agenda
petrifying in the mouth  of legacy mongerers
so us aint feeling how this one size  fitting all
“!So What!mother Fucker!long as i git’n mine!!
aint this here the  Greatest  Greatest there is!!
so powder your nose  where the camera it on
and  just gone requisition   yo’ ownself some”
dastardly  scrabbled  by clamoring babblers
in doodaded stalls full of tird prosaic altars
and amended amens there amen’n aloudly
“this all like’it is cause dis how it all is-ing”
wearing our own  posturationing norms
tatoooos disguising our emptying arms
delusive porn of this invisiblin karma
aint no body screaming being heard
in the grand callousive numbing
of this mastur-a-bationing om

Copyright © 2012, 2014 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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