hubrisationing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(obsessing with pour’n misery on ourselves)

and why are we living as such
glorifying nibbles as so mighty much
why aint this making us real hungry
and wanting for something more
than all these blatant emjubilating lies
we trying to hide behind for so long
just holding on to wishing’n’waiting
for them magical screaming any bodies
who be blasting up here on our screens
shouting ‘bout “how great i am!”
claiming to know just what we need’n
so us being just like this same again

 but these stalking putrid smellings
in the babbling of our whining solipsis
making all us lips puckering up
sprue-ing the pungenating odor
of this ancient and bilious hoaxing
festering potions in our heads
turning us on into animated it-ics
algorithming our worlds into clinics

what’s left ‘cept all we here missing
in our splashing mesmerizing bashings
desperately want’n something other
that’s right here waiting for our having
but we keeping on cloning ourselves
these ones that we don’t wanna be
enfolding scared in this aloning alone
—no trust no where no need requesting
. . . and after all our loud  petty jesting
still cling’n onto this fatuous pretending
marching zombies strutting on behesting
arm and arm wearing opiating norms
try’n to conjure up a win
in this erosi0nate’n game
by covering our serpentining trails
in erotic mathmetizing ruse-a-nationing

Copyright © 2017 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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