groundlessing . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(numbing just like “it aint nothing but a thang!”) 

this plastic grinning frowning
and vagrant collaging indifference
perpetrating in splashing rainbow’n colors
and niffty sleighting marching sounds
is flagrantly morphing us on into
wandering transmute’n apparitionings
always endlessly running on
to any no where that’s right here
—anesthetizing in the hands of mirages
waiting here still in our abating slots
loitering in the colding vacant arms
of being broken entitlement whatnots

our tongues is always swaggering slobber
castigate’n every other and plagiarize’n
bloating exaggerations of ourselves
and we’re always so obviously lie’n
vulgarly wallowing in public fits of deny’n
as more rabidly the onus of pretending
is rapidly swallowing’n’dissipating us all

we’re numbing shadows slow grinding
to hypnotic algorithming potions
cleverly ooz’n out of our lips rapid firing
enchanting ranting canting samplings
of entangling bodies always on stage
vivaciously convolutioning alone
infusing lotions of automate’n notions
who we’re lulling ourselves to believe
“i aint needing no nobody else
not even these abandoning some bodies
strutting ‘round and ‘round
too scared of being found
who we desperately nicknaming ME!”

Copyright (c) 2017 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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