holding on to this just holding on (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

holding on to this just holding on 

and we aint even ‘sposing no more
if there’s any something worth ‘sposing
and we seeing right here ‘fore us eyes
so howcome us keeping on doing
keep on doing like we doing
leaning on leaning onto this norm
of hanging on to like’us here hanging on

we dis-focussing everything all together
desperately photoshop’n kaleidoscoping
so it’s all being like    just like it aint so
try’n to hide behind in our hiding behind
mattering no mattering is mattering
everybody’s in here acting like’us long
becoming mo’n’mo’ use to nothing more

encoring over’n’over we’re strutting
arm’n’arm in the well trodden ruts
of our lonely alone-ing promenades
hypnotically obsess’n with just look’n hot
and what’aint kin to this   is just for not
swallow’n us in our own never minding
how this what’s going-on’s being made

and just what are we wanting and not
is it simply some kind of ‘guess what’
so be want’n some something that’s not
or is we chasin’ an other in between
an endless bottom and illusive top
. . . it’s like us never ever wondering
how come this is   that it never stops

Copyright (c) 2017 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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