every body we all entitling in our own decadencing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


every body we all entitling
in our own decadencing

—welfare-inged moments
they chanting and caressing us all 
bleeding on through the veils of invisibled-ling faces
running on out here all over us all
!splashings loudly bodaciously! so afraid-ing
loquaciously splatterings in the pupil-ling of our eyes
hooching things hazing synthesizing fantasizings
paralyzing socializing with infantizing mesmerizing—

we all !!SCREAMING!!quietlyingSO LOUDLY
selfishly shamming inside this pretending
desperately wander’n grabbing!SO SCARED!
holding on to those louder some bodies else-ing

public booty shaking’s our coffling shuffle
in closets coming out in every which’a way
better always watching where you stepping
and what whom you woo-ing here when

and beseiging ourselves in words impounding
serpentining cliches rapaciously serializing
with our mathematizing self- imperializing
ingurgitate’n we legislating a vulturine abode

running all around frantically hallucina-tizing
obsessing over power with such tiny lil ’l hands
probates unbeholding in this boundless expanse
and we’re all just random custodial guests

here mesmerizing in this bale synergizing
spinning with our mouths camouflaging it all
anxiously waiting for another decadencing
so aint seeing how we all imploding us all

—they spreadinged and swallowinged on
in this low droning stare of who
this who in here who for they selfing
purpled grey splotchings aloninged
wrinkling and drying on out on one another
growinged hard too soon—

Copyright © 2003, 2007, 2015, 2016 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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