in this knowning river drowning on (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

in this knowning river drowning on 

we keeping on themming more themms
triballing on out of our primal womb
pompously and flauntingly propagating
an ancient disdaining of other themms
covertly plot’n and coveting like themm
cloning humanivoring thrones
in the rusing wombs of other themms
so arrogantly and so blatantly
ignoring prophetic warnings ‘gainst
obsessing with breeding more themms

frantic panderers try’n to hide
we’re all enfolding in our rainbow colorings
pimp’n venders beguiling as heroic themms
blowing slow low mo’ synthesizing sounds
into bags fulling-up on pretensifying mimes
resounding in the mould of emptying arms

desperating pawns we prostrating in place
ensconcing on inside a rusing obscuring
as this grow’n invasive pervers-e-nationing
accelerating our swallowing invisiblizing
is enthralling us deeper on down inside
this what here wondering who’s me
because all we all is just themms
themm-ing perpetrating mo’ themms
just like all them other themms
and all our druthering themms

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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