noise-inged-ing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(“Oh, how the noises of the world
warn the wise”—Jerry Ward, Jr.
. . . and numb those otherwise-ing) 

we’re long being choosing
the parroting role of synthetic reeds
alternative pawns of alternating news
publicly flatulating hollowing sounds
in loud used recyclings of the blues
all aloning in misanthropic huddlings
in lethargic breakings of darkening dawns
conjuring all we’re knowing trying to hide
how rapidly we’re progressing the
incesting our own secessive regressing
fart’n louderand louder!!!
but this persisting tide just won’t abide

frantically wallowing on in the opium
of being seeming like i’m the most most
and so hastily callousing on fretting
pretending like we aint try’n to forget’n
—synthesizing samplings they too groff!
so rebuff and aint nearly enough—
the emfolding psalming drumming
of those sunging salvatoring hummings
we here long so disdainfully ushering on
. . . those untutored mumblings
still spilling out of well seasoned lips
announcing the constant bursting forth
of vibrant and ever en-juenate’n mornings
fading faster and faster furthering
in our own furthering them on away

Copyright © 2018 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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