what who is this that i being (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

“i’ve lost the way
of what there’s left
of me that i brung
in them ship how i come
in this room it dark
caint see where my face
caint tell who this is
caint find where this place
how far is i from
this here where i come
how long i must go
‘fore will i never gon know”

*what who is this that i being

who is this i say’n is me
the one outside through whom i see’n
or somebody else i wish’n i am
what’s this i feeling i cannot see
this hole it here inside of me
is i the fault for what i being
or this scared wrapp’n here
around my knees
and what can i supposing to do
if nobody see’n nobody in here
not even me
who dat gon come and rub me warm
when there aint no yesterday
so how come it i always have’n to cry
why come it never nobody else ‘sides me
who’s the one that supposed to die


*Copyright © 1993, 2016
Asili Ya Nadhiri

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