aloning moments in our aloning-ness-ing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

aloning moments in our aloning-ness-ing
(splashings on sidewalkings for you)

listening to the howling whispering mumblings
growling inside the tenure-ing roaring of waves
covering all the paths in between
notions of going there and coming here
nowing in emptying conundrum-mings
of when and then trying to break loose
from the hustling specter of been
and the coffling luring of always again
grabbing on to just grabbing on
to a just grabbing onto flashing notionings
of just grabbing onto ever loitering potions
of some always promising lotion
of almost nearly ever carrying-on
behind the ruseful singularity
of embracing a little bit more
of this just carrying-on

screaming inside invisiblizing malls
of this blatantly mocking preening
you desperately and loudly scheming
“!!why aint this here leaving me alone!!”
you wanting to dancing while
involuntarily trancing
thinking you prancing
patches of reddish bluing
pursuing the ghost of renewing
you-ings in thickening surgings
and hungry purgings
of red-yellowings swelling in eyes
swaddling in blindly pursuing
abandon-ning kaleidoscopings
of a you here wandering ‘round
for some somebody who

Copyright (c) 2017 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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