appetizing serpentining mathematizing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

“it  aint nothing but’ah thang”
“is a hole empty because it’s a hole
or a hole because it’s empty”

serpentining mathematizing

words we choosing for chewing and using
they abusioning confusioning effusioning
concocionings of syntactical illusionings
like our medicinal drinking of the blues
or a brand new burst of used news
they’re loud pleading portraits
of our rampantly obtunding despair
moralizing a coffling salacious puking
drying out and hardening on canvasses of
vicariousing exhibitionists we vicariousing

and every body we addictively snorting
this long fermenting perverse-a-nationing
ruse-a-nating semanticationing
so it seeming just like
we aint is-ing how we is-ing
sublimating in acquiescing publicationings
justifying the illusions we’re flaunting
masquerading this daunting “what ever”
as just a naturally recurring glitching
in having all us here really wanting

Copyright © 2018 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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