chewing on the same old palette-ing . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

holding on to clinging onto holding on
rolling over and over like i’m smug
in repeating repetitious repetitionings
numbing me on so aloning in my hiding
i aint feeling no more like i’m hiding

chewing on the same old palette-ing
(the heads and the boot on top of them never change
only the foot in the boot does) 

collaging colorings bashing
dashing jaws on concrete canvasses
hating every body who aint themm
razzmatazzing hypnotizing
annointing all the other colors
as themm satanic other themms
claiming some legislating collateralizing
is logically entitling you to be claiming
a rightful dominion amongst themms

arrogant arrogating desperationers
hustling slippery sugar titty words
propagating we cattle we herding
blatantly swallowing our slippery tails
in our publicly flaunting cherades
of dastardly floundering confoundings
parading on as glittering aboundings
so concealing a traitorous kneeling
in this swallowing imprisoning surrealing

water colorings fading and drying on out
reverently romancing pixellating stones
who’re mosiac mirages of fantasizings
noxiously dancing here twirling around
monotonous monotoning’s coffling us all
with music so loud just impounding on
frantically swirling grinding us down
so everybody’s painting in hues
who they forever just framing a blues

Copyright © 2018 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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