swelling dung’s “dust bowling” amber fields (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


swelling dung’s “dust bowling” amber fields 

we vitiating in abetting addictionings
riding sterile blinging loins
of our automated things
seducing everybody else
on in here with’us too
greasy hands so rapaciously gorging
aint even bothering defecating no mo’

look at how pompously we’re pretending
hustling ourselves with proverbial potions
in slippery metaphorical illusionings
and flatulating resorting fabulations
we making us all want’n to be
the one who up there on a stage
dancing lips syncopating enthralling us all
hey! it is what it is how else can we do
it’s all ‘bout the me aint nothing ‘bout you
we aint needing no redeeming
just mo’ scheming and seeming 

on’n’on we’re impetuously harrowing
endlessly ‘round ‘n ‘round
judiciously eroding ourselves
serpentine cultivation of this fertile ground
we swallowing our tails strangulating
sopping here bursting from constipation
pompously strutting disputatiously cussing
“just tell me what else goddammit
should everybody be trying to do!!”

Copyright © 2016 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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