our opiating opiationing (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

our opiating opiationing
(an ever pervading overdosing regularity)

insatiably gulping swallowing desperately
biggering potions of illusional illusions
an addicting predicting delusioning delusion
but no where near as bemusing as the blues

our eyes they reflectors reflecting rehearsals
blaring out from dry dusty eroding plains
of blank stupefyinged-ing rainbowing faces
zombiotically lying so sanctifying
the ruse justifying all our own fantasizing
of annointing ourselves as somebody else

and we’re all just pawns pawning pawns
used crumpled-ling paper cups here waiting
for more of the same old arrogating potion
so making it more easy making believing
“we gon all be like we’re being here pretended
if just we keep going on this way!”

indentured robotic marchers
always here “on call” every where
flauntingly wrapping-up in our shame
hell no!! this can’t be no question of blame
’cause all us here do’n this same damn thing
just try’n to mask our wimping somebodies
by publicly gesticulating inane postulations
so nobody else aint seeing’em
(not even us)
who still here selfishly abdicating alone
and lethargicly running on
muddling in the scripting plastic charms
of our automating pixellating arms
abetting this whom we keep on feeding
by so religiously clinging on
to our same old same opiationing
on demonic spectres of themmms

Copyright © 2018 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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