surrendering (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)


we all addicting “Me!Me!-ing”fondlers
our backs they mooningly tote-ing
fabricating tomes who cleverly disguising
treasonous designs being passing on and on
in bilious plottings of perverse-a-nating heads
of too-too-ing little self-devouring leeches
splashing here in their sucking scared
drowning in being scared of being scared
“but just you give us won’t you please
justa few minutes more of our sleeping
justa few more minutes will you please”
ingurgitating the noise of our snoring
our mouths they rabidly spinning us fulling
on swaddling illusions of something born here
that was never much more than stillborn
“a few minutes more won’t you please
 justa few minutes more of this sleeping”
circlings in the hypnotic circling of circlings
our words they always just echoes
exacerbationings tatooing stolen juju trollings
on the hollowing caverns of our lives
this aimlessly squandering wandering’s
censoring the tendons commanding our legs
and rendering our bending knees attending
“no no no . . . aint no cause for worry
we just tired that’s all
a few more winks us up and ready to go
so please won’t you just . . . please . . .”

Copyright © 2017 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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