our lensing echoings (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

our lensing echoings 

here losing us in our self-ing-ness
hers and hims are othering thems
this is the cadence
to which we’re marching
so you better be watching
‘cause you aint never knowing
what who is whom-ing then
every thing is we every thinging
begging for a compass to somewhere
in this ghostly serpentining serializing
of our mathematizing imperializing

no no no no it’s just what you hearing
we’re surrounding ourselves
with all our floating borderless cliches
holding on to the loudening shouting
of our boisterously silencing pomposity
yes we’re the progressing emptying-ness
trying to calibrate our recessing
in bubbular mansioned expansions
of opiated ostentatious demensions
and why aint we seeing this aint
grounding our armless propoundings . . .
‘cause all is numbing all that’s numbing
even the humming’s numbing its humming
in this synthesizing drumming mung

of course there’s no wonderous coming
oms are entangling for using their om-ing
there is no anger brooding nor wishing
just a swallowing festering arresting abusing
and the numbing and numbing
aloning in our no otherwise-ing

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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