Absurdity-ing: Trying to debate with an addict Absurdity-ing: Trying to Debate With an Addict Those members of our society (and their followers) who have managed to garner vast public attention in their desperately endless effort to satisfy their !ME!ME!ME! addiction are simply addicts in the manner of common drug addicts. They know they are never going it achieve that ultimate high and that the chances of them destroying (overdosing) themselves in their never-ending pursuit are practically absolute. They, however, continue to increase their diabolical machinationing in order to increase their dosage in the hopeless pursuit of a phantom reality. These extraordinarily insecure citizens are trying camouflage the overwhelming feeling that they are really invisible and nakedly weak. Their addiction and the religious vicariousness of their followers enables them to keep hanging onto a tomorrow. These citizens are certainly news items; but only in the manner of common junkies (drug addicts). The News Media does not need to report, analyze, and debate each and every fix (drug consumption) of these addicts. All of their activities and verbal spillings are always the same ad infinitum in terms of an ultimate objective. And theirs is the same body, oftentimes in slightly different clothing. IT IS ESSENTIAL WE REALIZE THAT ADDICTS (AND THEIR FOLLOWERS) DO NOT CARE ABOUT FACTS AND LOGIC. AT BEST THESE ARE ONLY GAMES (CHESS MATCHES) DURING WHICH THEY CAN FLAUNT THEIR SERPENTINING SKILLS—AND WE MUST MAKE SURE WE ARE AWARE OF THE NATURE OF PAWNS. OUR NEWS MEDIA NEED ONLY REPORT EVENTS FACTUALLY ENOUGH TO CONVEY A REASONABLY COGENT PICTURE OF THE RESPECTIVE EVENT; AND AVOID SUPPLYING THE ADDICTS AND THEIR VICARIOUSING PAWNS WITH A FIX (DRUG DOSE) BY ENGAGING IN REPORTING THAT ONLY ENGENDERS ENDLESS DEBATES THAT KEEP MAKING THESE ADDICTS THE HEADLINES IN ALMOST ALL THE NEWS. PLEASE REALIZE: NEWS REPORTING, PRESENTLY, IS ONLY EXACERBATING THESE ADDICTS’ ABSOLUTE OBSESSION WITH EXPERIENCING THE ULTIMATE HIGH: “THE ROYAL CORONATIONING OF “THE OMNIPOTENT ME!”

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