WE ARE WITNESSING THE FLIP SIDES OF THE SAME COIN: A large percentage of the American electorate is exacerbating an addiction to “SELFIE-ING;” that is resulting in feeding the self-destructive and always impromptu agenda of another large percentage of the electorate whom since the inception of the colonization of America are disappearing further on down in the abyss of not being able to accept responsibility for their own personal failure. THIS IS SIMPLY TWO FACES OF THE SAME EXISTENTIAL MALADY: the inability to take ownership for what we are actually seeing reflecting in the mirror. THIS IS ALWAYS THE GOAL OF PRETENDING AND BLAMING

The effective difference: One group is so wrapped up in “selfie-ing” it is weak in the sense of an open hand—it is an effective electorate for whom?The other group is marred down in self-pity, but not to the point of being an ineffective electorate for the worst (loudest) among it members.

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