drowning on in our themmming themmms (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

drowning on in our themmming themmms

themmms always here nowings in then
so themmming mo’ themmms
just like all themmm other themmms
wandering on out of primordial wombs
coveting themmm themmms
who’re blatantly cowarding
themmms like themmm
by flagrantly militationing
their royal disdaining
of oracular warnings of proverbial sins
blindly and arrogantingly propagating
more themmms so be growing more themmms
like themmm themmms themmming themmm
and they’re all addictionationing on
little scared desperationing gnomes
hyping fatal-cidal degenerationing whims
molding and infectuously enthralling us all
with confusing abusing algorithming refrains
rolleding-up in slow low mo’ mo’ hump’n OMs
hypnotic perverse-nationing drumm songs
keeping themmmings going ‘round
just keeping coming on around
like all the rest of us themmms
nowing in then here-ing when
always just trying to keep holding on
to what we’re told to be holding on
by themmm themmms who’re coveting
all themmm other themmms

Copyright © 2015 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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