help! is a most aloning call . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(aloning aloned we’re wandering
wandered on in this just wandering
on the edge of our beach
by the stones on its shores
knowing knowd un-be-knownst the unknowing
where now that it’s was this there) 

*help! is a most aloning call to ever be trying to be making
 (requiem in purple for Vi and Maxie) 

“to what do we wish for you  my friend to be blinded
in a innocent most kind of your never even minding
what do we wish   to be lost for you
so politely that it be   be never ever founded . . .”
that no end knowd us then for us to be bounded

“laying here in these bed sores   mindfully sequestering
trapped inside this traitorous body   despised
way beyond the pale of any surmising . . .
damned so-called friends going on otherwising
i’m holding on to your voice in our memories of you
all alone by my self in a veiled demising
like our Dr. Maxie in there   he’s en-festering too
‘tween the neutering walls of municipal-ling halls
swaddling there swaddled just swaddling on
then going home to the family of a stranger’s bed
where he died there all alone by him self  like me
in the plastic charms of another armless wife
—his own children they left    there standing outside”

“all themm-d infantile whims we wedded
when we knowd they were all just greeding
breeding rows of thick vixened brows
that we cuddled too close to our bosoms
servants we were to the toying behest
of their plundering bedeckoned calls
now we both of us here  all together
in the wake of this confess
and the resignating plea
that’s all that’s left of our selves
. . . there just won’t enough time
just won’t enough time . . . for us left”

Copyright © 2007 Asili Ya Nadhiri


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