shaking in our own booty shaking . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

shaking in our own booty shaking
(so this all it seeming warming
as we’re spinning to conceal )

now we’re here surrendering
surrendering on in this when
and us screaming so loudly
we aint even hearing
us here surrendering then

blatantly we’re wantonly raping ourselves
ensconcing in colding puppeteering arms
of our public auctionationing ‘jaculations
!so howcome it is we aint come-ing!

and we keeping on pretending
like as we’re all   we’re just pretendings
at being what we’re pretending
that we ain’t wanting
this what’us wanna gone be
wallowing over and over
in this darkening light
of brass mas-tur-ra-bationing mimes
in line behind our own hypnotic rimes
so making just like “it aint so really so”
how we’re all swallowing swallowings
of our own mis-er-rationings of us

Copyright © 2010 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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