club-bing . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

(a rub-a-dub-bing there bound
in ‘round’n’round here on around)

rendezvous-ing perpetrating
chasing spamming notions of on’n’on
with flashing wigs and painted-on moles
and wing tipped shoes of plated gold
breast implantings so size is beholding
splashing out of long dark lean limousines
in fogging swoons marching all in line
hands paddling there on waiting behinds
acting like they be being so goddamn fine!

chattering all the old used chic-chattings
of themm themmms they pretending to be
splashing this primming right on time
in a hoochy coochy clime of rhyme
so giving the perverse’nating bleating
of them who drumming some

so busy fawning on in this spell
we aint never be ever realizing
what is all this is that it is
being pouring here shrouding over on’us
‘cause all we doing is hustling fantasizing
waiting’n’wanting for a next so to do
like it all aint nothing but jesta game
of sneakers butts and high heel thangs
and late-night key club-bing bangs
!abracadabra and whoop’de’do!
spandexing us all so moulding on into
some same old new same somebody who

Copyright © 2019 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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