homelessing in our homelessing . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

homelessing in our homelessing
(on in on numbing in our on in on)

twirling‘round spin’n slosh’n
frozen try’n to see a something else
in the torn lap of a gathering aloning
barely daring to be furtively peeping
at the traitorous traces of a fading then
looking all around for any some’nother
‘sides a whom we may still used to be
carefully swallowing our echoing voices
slowly slowly so they making no sounds
we’re spatter’n be-draggling souls of foam
in the spells of our fettering words
scared in too scared to be heard

the brandishing cans in hands
yours and mine they’re shackles
shining here enfolding both palms
each of them deceitfully cradling
our greedy little petty petties and
rolling us up in so we be not feeling
what’s real aint real is what’s real
shrivelling in this aimless impending

our window pains are broken wings
on which we’re both pretending
ensconcing in deluding contusions
how much is it costing us all
for this bartering around enthralling
in to’n’fro danglings on imaginary walls
in our tiny little tiny little stalls
wilting in our public exultationings of

Copyright © 2017 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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