sundown peopling (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

sundown peopling

fingers they dark and otherwise
pouring out here popping
in soft empty pockets
of little corner lots
clustered there anticipate’n
brown bottles they wait’n
for the bellowing mouth
of the same old faces
go slow motion swaying
they going ‘round’n’round and
there they is in they same old places
a little love warming here
warming here over yonder
some rolling dice coming there
coming there in the corner
wont you tell it again
and put a little sump’n in it
it make the laughing so !good!
‘cause the day where i been
it got no kin to me
the rhythm it aint strong
they dont play no drum
and everything else there
it too be wrong
so pull me on back in
dont leave me hanging between
pull me here where i warm
‘fore monday coming here again

Copyright © 2000 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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