amen’ ’cause i’m !tird! . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

amen’n ‘cause i’m!tired!of feeling like me
(always lining-up somewhere waiting to be had) 

this swelling debilitationing
of eluding delusive illusionationings
is sucking everything up
and religiously crucifying us all
as zombies hypnotically dancing
clamorously amening! our AMEN-ING!
sway’n in algorithmic automationings
of our traditional drumming strummings
and saturday night dos-si-dor-ings
blithe broadway vocal-lationings
and toxic arena inhalationings
so be acting like we feeling sump’n real
in these numbing collapsing veins
of our emptying synthetic arms
as congressively we’re all overriding
what’s left of any notion of alarm

most all of us all are just squanderers
pretentiously pondering wanderers
hallucinating in fancy abandoning malls
penthouse stalls and wet low rent halls
surburban palls and trailer park drawls
all alone in coffling crowds of begging eyes
vicarious junkies we running back’n’forth
in pluming hair-do’s tattoos tobacco chews
and brand new 5th avenued alligator shoes
spandexing with everything we muse
‘cause aint none of our trump cards working
aint working no mo’ like they ‘sposed
we just hustling’n’hustling anyway we can
here trying to hiding behind just being seen
snorting like this “!aint nothing but’a thang!
if you keep on sucking up it won’t be long
‘fo all’us all  be here feeling just the same!
. . . coming’round forever go’n on around

Copyright (c) 2019 Asili Ya Nadhiri


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