Novel Summary



the sunging of the preying mantis

“the tiniest petal on the tiniest flower
is simultaneously as simple and as
complex as you are wishing it to be”

—Paraphrased Words of My Father—


        The term “impoverishinged-ing” (exhibiting the suffix ‘ing-ed-ing’) is a literary construct specific to the literary genre called “Tonal Drawings Written in Poetic Form.” It is intended to capture the author’s perception that “existence is (holographically) one” with the common notions of “past-present-future” being a means (ouroboros=serpentining) by which humanity is continuously and obsessively being driven by a most delusional and scared minority in order to be supposing a significant semblance of control over itself and, of course, Creation; all for the sake of insuring the perpetuity of this scared minority. More existentially stated: “INGEDINGED-ING” is suggesting we are always being acted upon, are acting upon, and are always being in the horizon of becoming.

Our “ing-ed-ing existence enables us to be understanding why it is not necessary for each of us to be experiencing (directly and exactly) the same factors of human existence in order to always be having an intricate realization of them. We are all essential factors of a creation that is one ‘”field”, wherein, all phenomena are constantly, endlessly, and instantaneously sharing their information (entangling).

Every event (momenting) is incessantly unfolding/enfolding and infinitely entangling throughout creation. There are, however, always spontaneous eventings impacting at levels well below all our most readily accessible thresholds of human perception; interacting moments wherein all of us are participating in the evolution of our behavioral patterns as they are always consciously and unconsciously nowing—since our African beginning and on throughout our most instructive migrations to the remainder of the earth. From whence . . . No! How, therefore, are our behavioral patterns always keeping going on and on    . . . Why is pretending so innating-ing.

Imitating and emulating one another is an essential means by which we evolve socially; vicarious living is a most prevalent other obsession rabidly advertised (and desperately propagated and legally mandated) by societies as their respective members become more and more afraid of taking ownership of what we are seeing in our respective mirrors. Instead, we are taking the ever addicting addiction of choosing those few others projected by those few self-appointing and anointing others who are projecting themselves as the ordained existential models for this most essential camouflaging. Of course, those bowing down to the commands of this arrogating few are never realizing that those through whom they are trying to vicariously live are, in fact, doing the exact same thing, too—and just as desperately as everyone else.

To varying degrees we normally continue doing this more and more and more . . . on into a progressively lesser and lesser extent as our biological existential progressing is regressively diminishing. What then, as we are constantly and persistently, and, even, desperately trying to be holding onto and obsessively propagating this behavior on and on and . . . Why are we always choosing as we’re always choosing

the prey is always
preying too
swallowing one’s tail
is never through
and not the answer
for what to do

        “Everything is everythinging”: always drummming in the rhythming of what everything else is drummming. By means of ourselves, we’re always  revealing the human dynamics generating inpoverishinged-ing; and the necessarily underscoring wombing out of which our civilizations maybe more propitiously reborn . . . and our personal salvatory propensities honed. This novel is an effort to lay bare this aggressively developing social proclivity.

Abidenton, is a small southern coastal tobacco town. By means of its persistent cultural habits, the manner in which the members of our human society are always passively, actively, and contemplatingly impoverishing themselves. This is a society, wherein, a significantly much smaller African American society (avidly preferring to be referred to a Negroes) is ensconcing within a significantly larger Caucasian society. And, within these two societies is a much much much smaller Muslim Society. The Abidenton society, as a whole, is ensconcing mind and soul in geographical region boasting the largest Klu Klux Klan membership in the Country. By means of this minute portion of the human society, this novel is exploring the dynamics of IMPOVERISHINGED-ING.

©2019 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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