please . . . get out of your way (a tonal drawing writing in poetic form)

please . . . get out of your way

I’m feeling you in there crying
trying to wipe those stubborn tears
by so desperately rewriting
what you’re wanting to be forgetting
that’s still so vividly remaining
despite all your pleading

inside this trembling atonal plaint-ting
where you’re so hopelessly
denying and trying to be hiding
so keeping marching on
by wrapping up in the ruse of rewriting
what you’re trying to be forgetting
—the blaming that’s solely yours
instead of nourishing
this swelling radiance
always so warmly roaring and
gushing out through this loneliness
you’re keeping on clinging onto
there in your enchanting eyes
and that saddening smile

and so desperately you’re wanting
to be dancing and daring again
feeling and being felt
way away from all this
in an ever entangling enfolding
fullingly enrapturing never
pretending to be caressing anymore

. . . incessantly you’re feeling
how rapidly you’re fading on
too scared to ever be wanting
for anything more

Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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