please . . . help me get out of my way (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

please . . . help me get out of my way

and i’m just watching you
watching me aimlessly bobbling
in the tenuring pools of tears
and skies of hovering premonitions
ever slowly seducing me on
with the tonal moaning groans
of my stubbornly holding on
to this tiring desperationing
of just stubbornly holding on

and i’m trying so cleverly
all to no avail
to be hiding my hiding my hiding
but my longing aloning so long
is always traitorously pleading
betraying the stoic rusing of my smile
and announcing the yearning in my guile
. . . i’m wanting so bad to be dancing
and daring . . . to be daring again
sipping the glorious feeling of feeling
the enrapturing of enrapturing when

so i’m making me keeping on jogging
dripping the purging perspirationing
of fantasizing in every stride
that i’m believing that now i’m believing
i’m no longer needing to be pretending
that i aint wanting no more
for anything more

Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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