Barack Hussein Obama II is the first African American duly elected president of the United States of America.  During his eight year tenure (two duly elected terms) he orchestrated the passage of several pieces of hallmark legislation beneficial to the citizens (and non-citizen residents) of the United States, specifically, and the world’s citizens, generally.  These are historical facts that cannot be erased or overturned or legislated into void of “never happened.” Currently, we are witnessing a concerted effort to undo these facts at all costs to the welfare of the citizens of the United States (and, necessarily, the world).  Castigation and perpetual denial and alternative fact-ting (serpentining ratiocinationing)  will not obliterate what has been done; and they certainly will not eliminate the desperationing grip of invisibilizing/insecurity our society is rapidly and progressively cowering on and on into. Least we fail to realize:  Both leaders and followers are both leaders and followers and are always generically experiencing the same existential circumstances. The promised fruits of our society require an electorate that is (1)informed (knowledgeable of the constitutionally expressed duties and responsibilities of those elected to execute our government, and the blatant shortcomings woven into this illusive document); (2) engaged (actively participating in our own governance by voting, being discerning and demanding absolute integrity on the part of our representatives, and being more objective in determining what we allow to determine our world view; and  (3) truly wanting all the “inalienable rights” for each other that we are wanting for ourselves.

Asili Ya Nadhiri (04/30/20170, 07/22/2020)

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