why come you doing me like this (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

you just waste’n yo’ damn time
‘cause i aint gon be this who
you always showing here for me
‘cause this sho aint the one i’m want’n
running around acting like it’s me

why come you doing me like this 

how come you there laughing at me
wearing all these different kinda faces
huddling here in the pockets of my eyes
that i keep try’n on one after another
‘cause none of ‘em aint making
aint none of ‘em making me their size
this why i’m always running on
to the next one i’m git’n memorized

and i’m !hate’n! the one
you always having here for me
—this ugly damn face that’s mine
just there wait’n here in behind
that splashing loud addicting glittering
of all them sponsored synthetic druthers
so you spiteful old cheap piece of glass
you can kiss my goddamn ass!

‘cause this one you be showing here
sho as hell aint what i wanna see
‘n find a new ‘nother other for this sham
a one who at least for today
i gon be make’n like it them
who i am

Copyright © 2016 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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