feces they often rise’n to the top of water too . . . (a tonal drawing written in poetic form)

feces they often rise’n to the top of water too
(spit’n on wooden nickles 
so make’em shine like brand new dimes
in kaleidoscopic mazings of addicting minds)

air it harbors lots of might
when mixed in matter so slight
can raise feces up into plain sight
attending smells and residue
suffice to warn the wary few
firming them up in what to do
but those who dosing in another cause
never even bother with having pause
‘fore iterating some bleating clause
“They’re all just picking on me
and hoping all of you just won’t see
how i’m the best there’s ever gon be
i’m the smartest of the smart
not some kinda phony pop tart
just parading ‘round in a slick go-cart
only i can clear this toilet full of shit
so just lift the lid and quietly sit
swallow all what i saying lick’a’t’split
everything’s happen in this head’s on cue
and the water’s a most vital player too
in my rising in this lavatory venue
so keep laying on there in the shade
breath’n this aroma for which you’ve paid
and be knowing it’s including a maid
all this stink rising is coming to a stop
all it’s do’n now is just steaming off the top
so all we need’n is just more of my mop”
Mr. thinking ya’ll so slickity poo 
this that you pretending sho’ aint what to do
we need’n to be flushing EVERY one of you!

Copyright © 2020 Asili Ya Nadhiri

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